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Is there anyway to edit the Recent Feedback Column?

The recent feedback column on the Canvas Dashboard shows me my recently graded items..... the only problem is they don't go away after i viewed it. I have Feedback showing up on my Dashboard from last semester. What would be nice is an "x" check box to delete it from the list. Or for it to go away after i click on it.

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Community Member

How has this been an issue for 3 years and still not resolved? And @kona, apparently this issue has fallen on deaf ears.

Community Member

WOW - I came here looking for a way to get rid of the annoying feedback notes and instead I find that people have been annoyed by this for 3 years......

Get with it - this can't be a hard thing to fix. UGH

Community Member

It hasn't been fixed in three years. Per discussions, it's annoying. It clutters the page for both the students and teachers, and creates noise that distracts us from what needs to be graded or submitted. Is anyone in Instructure dealing with it?

Community Member

It's November 2020, and I see this issue also.  Please create an option to "X" out recent feedback.

Is there another work-around at this point that you can suggest?

Thank you,
Marsha Hoyt