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Issues importing TestGen questions with graphics into Canvas

I've had no problem importing text-only quizzes generated using TestGen into Canvas.   I simply export the quiz from TestGen as a QTI zip file, and then import it into Canvas from the Settings section (specifying that it's QTI zip).  Detailed directions available here:

However, if any of the questions contains a graphic, then the graphic doesn't import.  Specifically, it's as seen below. Is there a way to fix this?

[Possibly related, from 6 years ago, involving files imported from a different publisher: ]

I'm using TestGen v. 7.7 (64-bit) on Mac OS 10.13.6.


Suppose the TestGen question contains a line drawing like this:



Here's what's shown after I import into Canvas:


Here are the error messages Canvas gives me: 


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