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Issues in Importing moodle to canvas


I was trying to import a course from moodle in Canvas and faced few issues. I was wondering what all should be taken care of while importing courses from moodle to canvas? What are the major issues? What all needs to be fixed in canvas?

Thank you

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello  @symbiosis_edu20  and welcome to the Canvas Community!  There are many folks in the Community who have moved from a Moodle-based LMS to Canvas and may be interested in sharing their experiences.  Since there probably isn't a single "correct" answer, I am going to change this from a question to a discussion.  I hope you do not mind.  We came from a MoodleRooms product to Canvas and with the exception of some discussion settings, migrating content went smoothly.  What issues did you run in to specifically?

Here is a website I found which has some good information on things to consider when moving a course from Moodle to Canvas,Canvas Transition: Migrate a Course from Moodle to Canvas | IT@UMN.  Is any of this helpful in what you are facing?

Again, welcome to the Community and best wishes! 

Community Champion

Hi  @symbiosis_edu20 ,

The link that ericwerth‌ shared has lots of great information but I also wanted to share the handout I provided my teachers with to assist them in moving over their Moodle content to Canvas.

Hope it helps you:  Export_Import Moodle to Canvas.pdf - Google Drive 

Thank you Eric for re-framing the question. The link provided to the guide was really helpful. We actually googled a lot to find something like this, but didn't come across it.

Some of the issues what we saw while importing were Images/Icons are not copied over, problems with question bank, the whole set of assignments are not being copied over. But some of them are being copied, not sure why that is happening!

Hi Yaddira,

Thanks for sharing the step by step process starting from creating a backup and then importing. It is really helpful. I actually received the backed up file of a moodle course. This document shows the different options that can be chosen while creating the backup. 

Thank you once again.