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Issues with Canvas Prerequisites and Requirements

Hi all, 

We are using Canvas for our student staff training with Indiana University Recreational Sports. We have the course set up in modules with prerequisites and requirements so that staff have to complete each item in sequential order in order to unlock the next item. Throughout the semester, we occasionally have additional training content that needs added. We are running into an issue where staff cannot access new training items that get added in the modules. I know that when you add content, it asks if you would like to re-lock modules or allow students to continue, and each time I have selected continue. However, we are hearing from many staff that they have already fulfilled all the requirements but are still unable to access new content. In a few cases, Canvas is re-displaying previously completed items as incomplete. We know this because they are submitting quizzes that they would not be able to access without having completed the training items that precede them. Has anyone encountered a similar issue? Is this a Canvas glitch or something that I am doing incorrectly when setting up the modules? 

Any insight on this would be extremely helpful! Thank you. 

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