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Issues with Comments in IOS teachers App

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Hi all,

I wondered if anybody's having the same issue as me. I've graded my student's work over the weekend via the teacher's app on my ipad. When my students reviewed my comments (I made them using the Apple Pencil) I noticed that LOTS of the comments had been cut off (see attached pic). Needless to say I was furious. Not only had I wanted a lot of my weekend but I spent the whole lesson explaining to the kids what I meant by the comments. They were confused to say the least and my confidence in this app has been eroded. I wondered if this was a common problem?248670_IMG_0121.PNG248671_IMG_0122.PNG248675_IMG_0123.PNG

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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @robertsonm1 ‌, 

Sorry you are still have issues. I would suggest you do what Deactivated user‌ suggested above and contact Canvas support, or post back here. It appears that this issue is an edge case that's very hard to diagnose. 

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This is unfortunate that it has yet to be fixed. This is a basic function of the speedgrader that is completely unstable. It maybe that the method by which the app sends data to the system may be flawed. There is always a stopping point to where the comments disappear - then it holds. Even if you exit the app, you may return to missing comments. This is also impacting the way students perceive their experience with Canvas. When it comes to annotating essays, this feature is CRITICAL for student learning.

I have attached a video (as was asked for) of the comments disappearing. Though this video is a minor instance. On MANY occasions all comments for a particular document disappear.

Video Link: Canvas Comments Disappear - YouTube 

I hope this issue is continuing to be addressed.



Thank you so much for taking the time to make this video. It's very helpful to get a full context of what's happening. We'll take a look at this, I can already see a few things that will point us in the right direction.

UPDATE: As I grade in a variety of locations, there is one observation I can make that might help. When I am in a location with a very fast internet connection comments disappear FAR less often and completely - e.g. perhaps a letter or a stroke of the pen, not whole words, sentences or whole comments. 

It may be that rate at which comments are uploaded to the server while using a cellular connection results in the problems being described (for me at least). Yesterday and today I graded a couple dozen papers without any major instance (a pen stroke might disappear, but that is manageable) as I was on a very fast WiFi connection.

Great observation. This should be helpful information for Deactivated user‌!

This is vital information, thank you! We've been reviewing the code and this definitely seems like a weak point.

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Using the Canvas teacher app and making comments/annotations on student work on her iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil, one of our teachers experienced the following when students tried to view her feedback:

Screenshot 2018-08-28 14.56.01.png

As you can see her comments appear mirrored and flipped.  Both the app and iPad iOS are up-to-date.  Any ideas?

 @croble ‌,

Can you post the screenshot again? It's not loading in the community. Thanks!

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This seems to be a symptom of a similar issue to the OP’s. I see it rarely, but no pattern has emerged as of yet. The vast majority of the time since the last update and maintain a fast internet connection, I have had no issues.

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I am having the exact same issue as Craig mentioned.  Comments are being reversed and flipped.  I have to erase my comments and rewrite them, which is quite problematic.