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Issues with assignments when performing a course copy

I am not sure if anyone else has had this happen, but I had a faculty member approach me with a question regarding course content, specifically assignments, when she performed a course copy. She copied All Content into a new course, and everything was brought over correctly with the exception of her assignments. On the Assignments page in the original class, all assignments were grouped into their appropriate assignment groups. Each of these groups contained the appropriate percentage weights for her class. However, when the content was imported to the new class, a few assignments were duplicated and placed both in the original grouping AND in a new Imported Assignments group. I have replicated the issue by performing a course copy using the same course and I noticed the same thing happening.

My question is, why is a new Imported Assignments group created when this group did not exist in the original class. And, why (and how) did assignments get duplicated. Has anyone had this happen before?

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Community Coach

Good afternoon, @reynoldsg ...

I'm not sure I have an answer on the "why", but I did find a couple things that might help to answer at least part of your question.  Take a look at this Guide:

Under the section on "Import Content", one of the bullet points is, "When selecting assignments only, Canvas imports all assessment items within the Assignments page (including any associated quizzes and discussions). Assignments will remain in their assignment groups if an entire assignment group or all assignments are imported."

Also, under the heading "Import Limitations", one of the bullet points is, "When selecting individual assignments, assignments are placed in an assignment group called Imported Assignments. However, assignments can be moved into other assignment groups as necessary."

I hope this might help a bit to answer your question.  Sing out if you have any other questions about this...thanks!  Take care, and be well.