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Items randomly disappear during copying/duplicating

I have a quiz (graded anonymous survey if that is important), which I am trying to duplicate 11 times. Strangely enough, there is no "duplicate item" function in canvas and I was following the suggestion from this forum. Basically, I copy this quiz from the same (current) course. Ok, the first time it worked fine and I have now 2 quizzes. I renamed one and tried this again, this time with two of them. Now, only one got copied.

Long story short, I was not able to go above eight quizzes (yes, I tried to rename them or not). Now if I copy one, two, or more quizzes, some (random) existing ones get deleted. This is really very frustrating because each quiz is a lot of work and all I need is to change the title of several duplicates.

I tried copying to another course and then back from there. Same story (both ways). I am really quite surprised that such a basic operation as duplicating the item takes so much effort and does not work in the end. So, I am quite certain that I am doing something wrong.

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