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Join Button in Zoom Page Disappears


I'm hoping to get some insight on this. We are using the Zoom LTI Pro integration with Canvas. The Join button in the Zoom page within a course seems to disappear once past the start time. Is there a way to keep the Join button at least 10 or 15 minutes after the meeting start time? This is for students who are late to the Zoom meeting. I know we can't correct student lateness but at least it gives them a chance to join the Zoom session after class start time.

Any thoughts?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello there,  @daniela_aguado ...

We also have the Zoom LTI Pro app integrated with our Canvas environment.  However, this is the first I've heard of anyone reporting that the "Join" button disappears in the Zoom interface after a meeting has begun.  That seems very strange, and I'm thinking that this should probably be addressed to the tech support folks at Zoom rather than here in the Community (since Zoom is technically a third-party integration).  The problem is, though, that I think Zoom tech support is taking a really long time these days due to COVID-19.  (I've been 200+ people "in line" to chat with someone joke).  All that being said, I might have some work-arounds for you:

  • I'm not sure how your local Canvas administrators have configured your Zoom LTI Pro integration, but one of the options available during setup was that when a meeting is created/edited/deleted via the LTI within a Canvas course, an automatic message is sent out to students in the course via the Canvas Inbox.  (You could see an example of what that looks like by going to the "Sent" folder of your Canvas Inbox once the meeting is created.)  The message is brief, but it contains the name, date/time, and the URL for the meeting.  So, in a way, students already have this information in at least one other spot besides going to the Zoom screen in Canvas.  A similar message is also sent to students automatically once a recording is available.
  • Similar to the first bullet point, you can also configure the LTI during setup to post the information to the Canvas Calendar.  Once it is posted to the Canvas Calendar, it has a link directly to the Zoom meeting you can easily get to it from there as well.
  • Once a Zoom meeting is created, there is a way to "Copy the invitation" which includes even more details about the meeting...including phone numbers if people want to dial in.  You could copy all of this information into an e-mail or into a separate Canvas Inbox message for all your students in the course.

Do you think any of these options might work for your needs?  Looking forward to hearing back from you Daniela.  Stay safe, and be well.

Thanks   @Chris_Hofer ‌!

We will definitely report the issue to Zoom even though we think we found what was causing the issue. My Zoom admin noticed the meeting duration was set to 0 minutes and suspects this might have caused the Join button to disappear.

Those bullet points were very helpful, I'd like the zoom meetings to appear in the Canvas Calendar, something to look into. Smiley Happy