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Er det mulig i kalenderen å lage eventer som går over flere dager? Vi har samlingsbaserte emner som går fra torsdag-søndag over 7 ganger, og jeg ønsker å lage hver av disse som ett event.


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Community Team
Community Team

Hello,  @b_s_torset  Welcome to the Canvas Community! I apologize that I neither read nor speak Norwegian, but I ran your question through Google Translate, and was able to determine that you are asking how to span a calendar event across multiple days. This is indeed possible; you can create the event--without entering any dates or times--and then hover your mouse cursor over the right side of the event to make it span multiple days. Note that if you do add dates or times to the event when you initially create it, the hover arrows will not appear.

A recent conversation that shows how to accomplish this can be found at: How do you make multiple day events? 

Hope this helps--and again, with the help of Google Translate, I bid you Velkommen! Smiley Happy

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Thanks a lot, that was absolutely a good answer. Great to hear that google was able to make some sense to my Norwegian ☺

I have found the way to extend it, but every time I change something in the event, it ends up back at the start date only.

I’m not able to start an event without a start date.

BR, Beate ☺

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Sendt: 24. mars 2017 11:38

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Re: Kalederplanlegging

reply from Stefanie Sanders<> in Find Answers - View the full discussion<>

 @b_s_torset ‌, can you elaborate on what you need to change after the multi-day event has been completed? Perhaps we can find another way to help you achieve what you need to do. Multi-day events are typically used to display something that spans over several days on the calendar, such as a school holiday. For tasks that don't require a submission and won't receive a grade, such as "Spend this week reading Chapter 1," you might want to add a notation as a Text Header at the top of the module for that chapter--and if you want to be able to remind your students that they need to do that, starting on Monday, March 30, you might create an ungraded no-submission assignment to that effect with details in the assignment description. This will appear on students' To-Do lists.

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Thanks again. I will explore the possibilities you mention further. Just started to play with the system yesterday.

But to explain a little more…

I’m administering a course where the students meet 7 weekends and should to some work in between. I have 4 of this courses starting this fall, and would like to have something that can easily be copied, as the content of the 7 “meeting” are appr. the same for all courses.

What I want to do is to create default “schedules” for the 7 different sections of the course. The schedules should contain times and topics, info on literature and digital tools they need to prepare.


Thanks for the clarification,  @b_s_torset ‌! Given what you've described, I highly recommend the use of Modules to create this seven-section course structure. To streamline your navigation, after you've created a pathway through the course through the use of modules, you can hide all of the other navigation links in the left course navigation, so that students will complete activities by progressing through the module for each section of the course.

Please have a look at the list of lessons on modules available here, and while you're thinking about ways to structure your course, I highly recommend  @kmeeusen 's resource  Share UDL Course Design Tips, Tricks, and Techniques‌.

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Thanx again. I'll dive into resources!

Beate Smiley Happy

Community Team
Community Team

Hi  @b_s_torset ‌! I wanted to take a moment to check in and see how you're doing with creating events! Were the suggestions that stefaniesanders‌ provided helpful? Let the Community know how you came to a solution that works for you! For now, I'm going to mark this question as "assumed answered" but that will not prevent you or anyone else from commenting on the thread. Smiley Happy

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Hi Kristin, and thanks for the follow-up.

Stefanie’s reply was clarifying with regards to how to use the calendar. Still working on finding a good structure in the modules, but progressing. AND – we still have a few months till launch…

Beate ☺