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Kami not working

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I am using the Kami tool in Canvas. My district has paid for it and is on my courses. Before the paid account, the free trial was a dream. Upload in assignment, kids click, annotate, answer, and submit. Now, I get a constant message saying:

"An Error occurred while validating the launch of Kami"

This happens mostly in the afternoon. If I refresh the page, it will sometimes show up and I can grade, but sometimes I refresh 7-10 times and same message appears. With 200 students this is becoming a tool that is not functional as I am spending more time refreshing the page than grading their work. Is there a fix or workaround to this? I am trying to contact Kami folks, but they are busy and send me to their FAQ page. This is not an issue I saw addressed there. Any help would be appreciated.

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Good afternoon, @pstephens1 ...

Unfortunately, I don't think many folks here in the Canvas Community will be able to help answer questions about Kami ... since it is a third-party product that integrates with Canvas.  I'm hoping that Kami technical support has been in touch with you by now, though, and that they have been able to provide you with some support ... since it is their product.  If you could please come back to provide an update for us, that would be helpful...thanks!  Take care, stay safe, and be well.

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