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Keyboard Shortcuts in the Pretty HTML Editor

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Apologies if this has been asked elsewhere, but in trying out the new "Pretty HTML" feature, I have been unable to paste text using keyboard shortcuts.  So, my questions are as follows: 

  1. Is there a keyboard shortcut for pasting text into the pretty HTML editor? I can right click and select paste from the menu, but I'm specifically looking for a keyboard shortcut. 
  2. Is there documentation available for the keyboard shortcuts in the pretty html editor? In trying various combinations to find an option for pasting text, I did discover a few unexpected keyboard shortcuts actions. I'm curious as to what set of keyboard short cuts exist "under the hood" so to speak.  
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For what it's worth, the CodeMirror devs identified this issue and deployed 5.59.1 to fix it (current version is 5.60.0). Canvas is still using 5.59.0. So, I guess whenever Canvas gets around to updating CodeMirror is when it'll be fixed.

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Thanks for the update @and-hu 

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I was directed to this discussion by a support agent: We observed a different type of discrepancy with the raw vs pretty html editor, in that simply using the pretty html editor and saving a page will modify the html in unanticipated ways.

Here are the steps to replicate:

Paste this text into a page using the raw HTML view:

<p>Module<a title="Module 1" href="" data-api-endpoint="" data-api-returntype="Page"><span class="screenreader-only">Module </span>1</a></p>

Save the page.

Edit the page: using the RAW html view, change the word "module" to "week" e.g.

<p>week<a title="Module 1" href="" data-api-endpoint="" data-api-returntype="Page"><span class="screenreader-only">Module </span>1</a></p>

Save the page, and confirm that the text was updated, and nothing else changed.

Now, edit the page again using the pretty html editor. Change the word "week" back to "module" and save.

Notice that a hyperlinked space has been added between the word "module" and the href "1"

This is a random piece of html out of context, but it's the simplest example I could generate of a formatting issue that is messing up complex, accessible layouts.

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@Stef_retired Has there been any update on the status of this bug? I noticed when looking at the "Known Issues" that this bug isn't even listed, which is worrying. Especially since this is a bug that has actually already been fixed by the third-party creators. 

Community Team
Community Team

@and-hu  Please request updates directly through the case.

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I noticed today that this bug now seems fixed; and that Code Mirror is now on version 5.61.1. 😁 Very happy this was updated before I had to really work on the bulk of my pages.