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Khan Academy classroom

I have created a Khan Academy classroom and I am wondering if I can link that into Canvas? Will I have to assign each lesson separately or will the whole classroom sync with Canvas? Thank you!

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Hi there,  @mbruce !

I'm sorry that your question has been sitting here for so long without gaining any traction. I'm also sorry, but I'm not too familiar with how Khan Academy integrates with Canvas. I'm going to share your question with‌ and‌ to see if we can get some additional eyes on your question.

In the meantime, if you have resolved your question, would you kindly update us in the event someone has the same question in the future? We'd love to hear from you!

Community Team
Community Team

Hi  @mbruce - While looking in the Community to answer a question for myself, I stumbled upon" modifiedtitle="true" title="Khan Ac... and thought of this thread! If this is relevant to you, it would be awesome if you could share some comments. Smiley Happy

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Hi there,  @mbruce !

I wanted to circle back to this question as we haven't heard back from you. It looks like  @KristinL ‌ shared the Feature Idea with you a few weeks ago. Did you have a chance to look at that resource?

Because this question has been sitting in the community for a bit of time, I'm going to go ahead and mark it as "Assumed Answered". This won't prevent further dialogue, so don't worry!

We'd still love to hear from you, though! Please feel free to chime in at any point!