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LTI-Development (communicate the users answers)


I just wanted to know a bit about how the LTI-development at Canvas is functioning. I am trying to make a LTI-plugin for Canvas, based on

-Does anyone know, if there is any way to communicate the users answers via LTI, to the gradebook? Or does it have to run through SCORM, or any other alternative ways?

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Community Team
Community Team

Hello,  @niklas ​, this is a good discussion for the Canvas Developers​ group, so I've shared it with them. And, since your prompt is likely to elicit more responses than just a single "correct" answer, I've changed the format of your post accordingly (from a closed-end question to a discussion).

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This is a good starting place if you are planning on writing LTI apps in Canvas

Introduction to LTI Apps: Canvas Dev and Friends

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Hi Niklas,

Through the API you can grade both assignments and quizzes.

The assignments endpoint is here: Submissions - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation

The quiz endpoint is here: Quiz Submissions - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation

If you want to capture the student's answers, then the quiz submissions is your best bet, but is likely to be more complicated.