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LTI - Free vs. Not


I have looked around the community but did not see this anywhere. Does anyone know how to determine if an LTI app is free? I have tried looking at apps with "Open Access" on the EduAppCenter vs those that are authenticated. So it seems that the latter require a consumer key and shared secret - but does that information always cost money, or could that be free?

I have a VoiceThread subscription for my school, but VoiceThread wanted to charge me (yearly!!) for the consumer key and shared secret. It would be helpful to know how to find LTI apps that don't cost anything additional to add.

Thank you.


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Community Team
Community Team

nlatimer​, I'm going to change this to a discussion, because your question will probably not elicit a single "correct answer."

I can't generalize across all of the LTI apps in the EduApp Center, but I can tell you from my personal experience with Prulu that even though it requires authentication, a consumer key, and a shared secret, it is nonetheless free. I was able to contact the company directly and obtain all the information I needed to set it up in a course.

The way I would determine if a particular app is free or not is to click on the app creator's website link from the EduApps Center. It will take only a few minutes of scanning the website to discover whether the site has links for "Pricing Details," or "Want to Buy," or the like.

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stefaniesanders​ thanks so much for your reply. I just looked at about a half-dozen apps via EduApps Center, and most of them say you have to contact the company for the information. I was hoping there would be an easier way to have an idea of what might be free. I fully expected VoiceThread to be free because I have the school subscription - but that was not the case.  :smileyconfused:

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi nlatimer​...

I agree with stefaniesanders​.  There isn't a great way to tell what is free and what is not, and I wish this was more visible when looking at individual LTI apps via the EduAppCenter or via our admin pages (Hmmmm....maybe I'll come up with a feature idea this week!).  Based on what we have enabled at our Technical College, I can tell you that the following are free:

  • Khan Academy
  • Piazza
  • Prulu
  • TedEd
  • USA Today
  • Vimeo
  • Wikipedia
  • YouTube

We also have a few publisher LTI installed that connect with student textbooks.  I don't really recall a cost to use these (please don't quote me on that...I may be completely wrong):

  • McGraw Hill Education / ALEKS
  • Cengage Learning
  • Pearson MyLabs

Finally, we have worked with our library staff to integrated both the Turnitin LTI and Films On Demand LTI integrated into Canvas.  I know for sure that Turnitin is a paid service, but I'm not sure about FOD.

Like Stefanie said, you will probably need to go to the developer's website.  If I ever see anything on their website that says "Call for a quote" or similar wording, then I know it's going to cost something.  It doesn't hurt to e-mail those companies, either.  That's how I found out that Prulu and Piazza were both free.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for taking the time to give me your list and for responding,  @chofer ​.  Much appreciated!

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Your post inspired me to go into our EduAppCenter listings and make it clear how we work. 

Though I must say that I hope your first criterion is not "free versus paid" but "does this solve a problem that I have?"  A fee-based solution can have more "value" than a free one.

 @Chris_Munzo ​, unfortunately, I don't think I am alone in saying that for K-12 schools, very often cost is a primary consideration. Our tech budget has not increased in several years, while the price of everything that we already are paying for keeps going up. So, for example, while it would have been great to have had the integration with VoiceThread, the yearly fee prohibits it and forces me to work around it. Similarly, products like Turnitin are not, in my experience, sympathetic to the needs of high schools. We are already paying a lot of money just to have this product and cannot manage more for the integration.

Mind you, I am in school district that is well-off - but cost is still a consideration, what with caps on budget increases and the rising cost of everything. So while I fully understand what you are saying, I am still going to be looking at cost as a primary consideration.  Smiley Sad

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I created a excel spreadsheet (out of date; see attached) when the app center was introduced. I haven't updated it in a while. Feel free to download and customize. I categorize the apps into three categories.

Free - no consumer key, and a shared secret needed

Free (somewhat) - The apps are free but require server and other technical setup before they can be enabled with consumer key, and a shared secret

Licensed - Not free and requires consumer key, and a shared secret

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snugent​ this is wonderful; thanks so much! Exactly what I was looking for.   Smiley Happy

Susan, this is awesome, and a great early holiday gift for all of us!

Thank you!