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LTI Statistics Tracking

Is there a way to track an LTI tool use in a particular semester?

Background, I have been asked to see how many times Library Guides (that link to Springshare) have been click on in Canvas?



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Hey  @kari ,

I know this has been brought up here a good bit, let's see what doing a search through the community turns up.

Looks like there was a feature idea back in Aug '15: 

It didn't get a lot of votes, so it resurfaced here in Nov '16: 

It's still open for voting there, go check it out and vote if it meets your needs.

It also appears from this related thread as if there might be a solution in the Canvas Beta Release Notes (2017-02-06). I'm not 100% sure on this,  @James  can you help me out on this one?

Community Champion

The inclusion of LTI User ID is going to help identify which students are using an LTI, but not how many times it was accessed.

The access report may contain that information, but I don't have any account level LTIs enabled to verify. Unfortunately, that's one student at a time unless you use a script like the one I wrote to pull it for an entire course. Even then, it's a summary, so it would have the first date and last date and number of accesses. As long as you could answer the question for certain terms and the information was there, it might be an approach. I wouldn't recommend it, though.

Using the requests table from Canvas Data is probably going to be a better approach. I don't have any of the requests table loaded right now, but in glancing through the raw text of the flat files, it looks like there is a web_application_controller = 'external_tools' that you'll want. I'm hypothesizing that you'll probably want web_application_context_type = 'Account' if it's on the global navigation or 'Course' if it's on a course menu. Your best bet for finding which LTI it is is probably based off the URL in the request as there is sometimes an id= in the request that can be tracked down.

You may also be able to ask Springshare how many times your institution accessed their site.