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I just got enrolled in a course today, how long before Canvas can recognize my late enrollment, so I can get my assignments?

-Valoree Mose

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Hello  @smose ...

Every school that utilizes Canvas as their LMS (Learning Management System) has their own rules/policies in place as to when enrollments are processed in Canvas.  Many schools have things set up where enrollments are sent from the school's SIS (Student Information System) into Canvas automatically.  This may happen on a set schedule such as every hour, every two hours, four times per day, etc.  Other schools allow their faculty to enroll students in their courses.  So, it's really up to the individual school on how they choose to set things up.  I found this page on your school's website with some contact information that may be of help to you: Distance Education at PCC - Pasadena City College.  I hope this will be of help.  Please let Community members know if you have any questions about this...thanks!

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