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Link to file in Module negates date restriction?

I am wondering about the overall functionality of the file lock and link restriction feature and may be missing something??

Reviewing the restricted documentation( 😞

"When the link restriction is set (only available to students with the link), the file can only be viewed if they are given the link to the file. However, this option only allows files to be hidden from students in Course Files. This functionality is not valid outside of the Files feature. For instance, if a file with a link restriction is added to a Module or Assignment, the file can always be viewed by students."

  The key benefit (?) intent I think is to attach date restrictions to how LONG the file is available for download to students -- but again if the file is linked in an assignment or module I think that it is negated... as such I am not sure the benefit to be gained from faculty fiddling with it unless you are exclusively using the FILES area??

Can anyone direct me to what I am missing or if there is another discussion of this?


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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi Deactivated user​...

It seems like you are understanding the documentation properly.  I don't teach (I'm an admin for our school's instance of Canvas), but I suppose an instructor could set up his/her course such that they allow students to see the "Files" button on the left side course navigation (not all instructors keep this visible).  Then, instead of linking to files from the Modules or any other content, they simply tell students to access necessary files via "Files".  Personally, I would rather provide a link directly to the file within the page of content, but that's just me.

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Very much agree and promote that "embedded file links" particularly on assignment pages are the best way for faculty to do best practice to Support Student Time on Task -- one stop shop in context. Thanks for feedback and input!