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Link to live 24/7 chat for faculty support?

I am a faculty member using Canvas at a major public university.  I have been told that my university pays your company to provide 24/7 live chat support for our faculty.  I would be delighted to get their help.  If that's correct, could you please direct me to the live chat link?  

I have tried to find the link myself.  Maybe I am missing something, but after I log into my Canvas course as faculty, and I hit "help", I do not see anything about live chat.  The closest thing I see is called "Ask the Community".  But that sounds like I would simply post a question, and some random Canvas user would take his/her best guess at offering personal experience to answer my question.  That does not sound like the live chat service my university is paying for to get Canvas employees to help our faculty.  

Could you please direct me to the live chat for instructors?  


Doug Whitman

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi,  @whitmand  and  Welcome to the Canvas Community! That is definitely frustrating, and I certainly doubt you're missing anything—yet when I navigated to the University of North Carolina-Wilmington's Canvas account and acted as a teacher, this is what I saw in the Help menu:

313525_unc wilmington.png

(I blurred out the telephone number for the 24/7 Hotline for Faculty since it is specific to your school and I didn't want to make it publicly available.)

So the hotline and chat options are both there. It's hard to diagnose from here why the full menu isn't displaying for you—and as you've pointed out, you don't have access to Canvas Support from your Help menu. Assuming you've already tried clearing your browser cache and accessing the Canvas account from a different browser (Chrome or Firefox > Edge), your next step would be to contact someone at the school, and this page should serve as a good starting point: UNC Wilmington TAC 

Good luck!

Community Champion

I support Canvas at a public university, and I know that access to the chat support was a feature we opted not to use. From my experience, you wouldn't see the link in the help menu because your IT hid the direct links to Canvas support (that is what happened at my institution). From one end user to another, I think the most effective place for you to start is by asking IT how they intend for faculty to use Instructure support services.

I work at a community college in Northern CA and am finishing up creating my first Canvas course. When I go to the Help icon within my course, it shows Canvas chat for both faculty and students.  However, when I click on chat support for faculty, nothing happens and I just get a blank screen. I emailed our school's IT Help Desk and received a ticket # and a "we'll be with you shortly." No response.  One or two weeks later, I called the same help desk and left a message.  No response.  Should I assume our school has opted not to pay for this service?  But if that's the case, why does it show up on the Help menu? I also have no access to a 24/7 helpline for faculty.


@kjpfanku Many schools operate a help desk that serves as an intermediary between users and Canvas Support, and it sounds like your tickets haven't been escalated beyond the local desk. Unfortunately, this means you'll have to contact the school again to get an update on the status of your case(s) and obtain clear guidance on what support options the school provides for its instructors.