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Linking Courses

I am currently working on updating our high school DCT and OJT courses, which are two separate full year courses that are always taken together to allow students to earn credit for working a job. DCT contains the course content and assignments while OJT is where students submit their timecards, but keeping students on pace in both can be difficult as we cannot set prerequisites for the other courses assignment and cannot use the due dates because we have year round rolling course enrollments. Since they are taken together, I was wondering if there was a way to link these two courses so that if a student submits an assignment in one, it also displays the submission or records the grade in the other. It would be awesome and much easier for the teacher to track progress if students were just submitting in one course shell, but we need to have a record of the timecard submissions copy into OJT. While this is a specific example, I am sure there is a more broad description for what I am trying to accomplish-- maybe a homeroom course?

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Are you familiar with merging courses?  If not you may want to look into that as a possibility.  There are Canvas guides that explain the procedure.

Here is a link:

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mdevaney -

Have you solved your problem yet?  I am surprised that some of the regular more knowledgeable people have not responded.

Hi Ronald and thank you! I am sure those "regulars" just knew you had the right answer Smiley Wink. I had stumbled across cross listing while trying to find the answer to this, and can see this brings in the enrollments and am sorry if this is obvious, but am now wondering if this also brings in the student work and/or the gradebook. Does anyone have experience doing this? I will have to give it a try this weekend. Thank you again!!!

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mdevaney​, you are correct that I didn't respond because I thought  @bowmanr ​ provided a pretty good response! I will admit that I did do a little research on this and didn't have a better idea other than cross-listing and I wasn't even sure if that would do what you want it to do.

As for does it bring in student's work and grades, no, it doesn't AND this should only be done for courses that are inactive (nothing in it). Why? OnHow does cross-listing work in Canvas? it states that "Note: Only cross-list inactive courses. Do not cross-list active courses. If you cross-list active courses, assignment submissions and grades will be removed and may not be recoverable."

For us how this works - even though we don't cross-list using this process, we combine all courses that need combined on the back-end of the system - is that two different course sections are combined into ONE course. Now depending on whether you need to keep separate gradebooks or not, this could be a problem, but you could get around it (kind of) by having two Assignment Groups - one for each course - and remove the option for students to see their overall course grade - thus students would see (in one course) a grade for both courses.

Does this help?

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Hopefully this gets through. For some reason I cannot log into community

from my home computer(problem on my end with our SSO I believe)

Anyway, Maci if you are going to cross-list your two courses and they

already have content and grades, i have a method that you can use to move

the grades from one course to the other. If you have to recreate content

then you can do that.

0) as a warning, do not delete any columns in the child.csv file(mentioned

below) that are to the left of the first grade assignment

00) read through all the directions below before trying this grade transfer.

000) I have not tried cross-listing classes with content, so I do not know

what will happen with that. However, I have had to move grades from one

class to another and that is what I have outlined below. The key is that

you can use the data from the class you want to import from, but you have

to change the column headings to those of the class you want to import into.

you can delete the mute line.

1) before cross listing, export the grade book from each course. I would

label one as parent.csv (for the course you are going to use as the active

cross-list), and the other child.csv.

2) Before cross listing the course, export all of your course content from

each course. cross-list the courses as described by the link I provided.

Check your content in the cross listed course. If it has to be recreated,

recreate it from the exported content

3) in the grade book, put in all the assignments that you had in both

courses - if the parent course information is not lost, those assignments

will be there. for the child class, you will have to create all the

assignments, quizzes etc that you have grades the cross-listed

gradebook. make sure you put in the point totals possible for those


4) once all the assignments are in place (and published - but you can

mute), export this new grade book-call it parent2.csv. now for the grade

import from the child course, open the child.csv file in excel, and open

the parent2.csv file as well.

5) for the columns you want to import from the child, copy the column

headings from the parent2.csv file and copy them over the exact same

columns in the child.csv. Delete all the other grade columns that you do

not need to import (especially all the extra ones on the far right). Save

this file

6) go to the cross listed course grade book and import the grades. browse

to the location of your csv files and upload the modified child.csv file

if you get an error message of some sort or a long list of unknown

students, then you can go back to the child.csv file and change the course

name column that is present from the child course name to the parent course


If that still doesnt work, there might be a few other things that need to

be changed, but I can't think of them right now.

That is all I can do now. I may be able to follow up via email

replies(like this one), but I will not be back at school until Tuesday.


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Community Coach

mdevaney​, let us know if these suggestions helped!

Thank you Ron and Kona - very helpful!  Appreciate the detailed list of steps.