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Linking FlipGrid

I was watching this video in order to link a FlipGrid to my Canvas (I'm new to both) connect flipgrid to canvas - Bing video 

About 2.5 minutes into the video after setting it up, FlipGrid is supposed to magically appear on the left side in the menu list. Mine does not. The video keeps going assuming everything worked out and technology never goes wrong. Can someone please help me understand how to link the two accounts? I'm frustrated 😞

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I have the same question.  I followed the steps over and over ad even call Canvas support, was caller #64 and they could not figure it out. The other way is to have students download the app and share the code with them, but that will not be accessible to all students. Can someone please work on that integration of Flipgrid and Canvas and make sure it works, please?  Thank you

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Community Team
Community Team

I wonder if the written directions would be helpful:

Canvas LTI Integration - Setup & FAQ – Flipgrid Help Center 

Hello Kristin,

The problem was the part one that you have and also mention in the video, does not work on Canvas for this county. It looks like some of the Canvas features that are given to teachers are not the same in all states and counties who are using Canvas. The following instructions of clicking on "Settings >> Apps (tab) >> Search and Select Flipgrid and click Add App was part of the problem.  

Flipgrid will not show as one of the App because it is an external tool. Furthermore, after adding it as an external tool to the course it will not show on the side menu list because it is an external tool. The instructions that were given when I posted my comment were revised. It now works. 

I think they still need to note the following: (might need to be polished some). 

Please Note: "After Creating an Educator account in FlipGrid and after integrating Flipgrip in each of your Canvas Courses, please keep in mind that if you click on Settings >>> Apps in any of the courses, Flipgrid will not show as one of the apps for the course, and it cannot be part of the left side menu because it is an external tool."   

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I forgot to say thank you for taking the time to respond to my comment.  I also forgot to say that I think they should add your part 2 to the revised instructions that they gave us.

Thanks again.


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