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Linking pages after changing title / permalink / linking tool?

Hello friends and fellow Canvas Wrestlers — Been searching through the questions and answers here and so far I haven't found a solution to this but wanted to ask just to be sure: If I create, say, page X and page Y....then create a link that takes one to page X from page Y.......then I decide to change the name of page X to page Z.....well, we all know what happens: the link doesn't work anymore. Is there any way to avoid this or fix it after the fact (other than manually relinking)? Any way at all?

Thanks a lot.

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Hi bradhorn! This is one of the worst problems with the Files area IMO, and I don't know of any good solution; plus, unlike other wiki software which has this limitation, Canvas does not do a good job of warning you of the consequences of your action. It would be so great if Canvas used a unique/unchanging identifier for each page (which would persist for linking purposes), and thus let you change the page title as needed.

This is one of the (many) reasons why I find it hard to take the Pages area seriously for content development.

Another problem is the lack of organizational/management tools like folders, tags, etc.

On the lack of folders, see the many comments here, which has some observations about the oddness of Pages in general: 

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Ah, so I've found my way into workings of The Resistance.... Out of curiosity, what do you use for content in place of pages? If I'm only trying to deliver a lesson to the students (on, say, how to make deviled eggs), what non-page method would work for this? Thanks.

Ha ha, bradhorn‌ , I'm a huge fan of blogs for everything... and since my students blog, that makes sense: by using the same tools together, we get to be co-learners. I even use a blog for my Daily Announcements, and then I just embed that blog in Canvas as my homepage, so it's the first thing students see when they log on to Canvas. I only use Canvas for the Gradebook, and the students record their own grades so that means they pass through the Canvas Homepage often... it's my chance to snag them and get their attention! You can see what that looks like here:

Myth-Folklore Canvas Space

I did a CanvasLIVE about my Daily Announcements approach, and that's actually how all the content for my classes works; I teach Gen. Ed. Humanities, so my goal is really to get students excited about the HUGE world of reading and writing online. I need big web spaces in which to do that. 🙂

Blog-as-Homepage CanvasLIVE Slides 

And you'll see blogging in some form or another comes up in pretty much every CanvasLIVE that I have done. What I really like about Canvas is that because of embedding, RSS, etc., you can really tie your external content to Canvas easily, even putting it "inside" the LMS if that is what you need to do (I don't).

Connected Learning with Cats: A CanvasLIVE series

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Hmmm. Thanks. Lots to chew on here. I appreciate the inspiration and the growth mindset cats.

Hi bradhorn

You can also simple load a file (PDF, Doc, Docx, ODT) into a module with your instructions for making deviled eggs. You don't have to create a Canvas content page.

Learn how at 

I hope this helps,

Agent K

And GoogleDocs is FABULOUS. My school doesn't have the Google integration (we are Micro$oft, alas)... but for schools with Google integration, you can just do your content development in Google Drive and pull it into Canvas very easily from what I've seen.

I do some GoogleDocs embedding, and that works really well too! I came up with a document/folder trick here that I really like:

Growth Mindset Challenges: Exploring Growth Mindset 

(I just copy-and-paste the newest challenge into the document called "Newest Challenge," and that is the one that shows up on the Page).

I have a lot of fun with those cats. 🙂

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Everybody has given you great ideas of other ways to create content but it you need content to be pages you can use the link validator to catch bad links and make corrections. There is a feature idea for this as well. It looks like this is on product radar so hopefully this will make its way to production. 

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