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Live chat/discussion on content pages?

Hi all,

We have a fairly unique use case for which we are trying to come up with a solution.

We will embed live video streams onto course pages for folks that may not be able to attend live meetings and lectures and would like for folks to be able to have live conversation while viewing the video. Similar I suppose to what you might experience with Facebook live - Live video and Live conversation.

We have accomplished this in the past and in another system by embedding Disqus on the page and using a single sign on solution from that other system. Unfortunately, Canvas will not pass page and login information to Disqus so this has become a non-workable solution for us.

One possible solution will be to embed our live video streams onto a discussion page, but the discussion isn't quite designed for that immediate conversation and also creates some problems because of notifications. So that's not 100% desirable.

The Chat feature in Canvas is very close, but doesn't allow content to be added to the page, and is only one chat per course. Our Disqus solution dynamically created a discussion per page that the code was embedded on.

Anyone have any solutions that are happy with for this kind of use?



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Yes, or you need to add the LTI to your course directly, instead of setting it up for an account. 

For you and  @jklos ‌ I will leave this little hint (I'm being vague because I'm still not 100% sure what the official take on us fiddling with this undocumented functionality is): 

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Interesting conversation.

FeedbackFruits have a gorgeous interactive video commenting tool that is LTI ready. Interactive video on Vimeo 

They also have a great DoTank (invite institutions to build with them).

Re: Today'sMeet and Disqus. The most recent version I've seen for inline chat is inline comments - Customizable Comments plugin for your website 

FacebookLive could be an option. have a Facebook LTI but are now with civitaslearning partners only.

Or YouTubeLive or Periscope.

Hmmm....all the ideas. Will let you know how I go testing them out in Canvas.


awilliams‌, how do you add the Chat LTI to a course?  I do not see it listed in external Apps, maybe because it's a Canvas app.  It is in our App Configuration list in Admin as "Chat Tool", but not in the App Center.

We would only want this enabled on the course level.

Did you have to do anything special when embedding Today'sMeet into Canvas? I've tried a few different embed codes and it continues to show up blank. I have admin rights, and I think everything is turned on. 

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Tom - I am in my initial stages of researching live video discussions for my Business Internship course after deciding that BBB is not the answer (UI and flash/laptop requirements and internship site restrictions on student's personal computers on site).  I am wanting to stay in Canvas (knowing other options like Zoom would work), so I wanted to see if have come up with a solution to your "Live chat/discussion" since the last post from May 2017?  I am doing various searches and reviews but not there yet.

Any guidance on the right path is greatly appreciated.



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Hey Brian,

We’ve settled on using LiveStream as our main service for live events because they have inline chat that is included within the embeds. One embed code on a page takes care of the video stream and chat all in one. It’s super easy and works great for the events we do.

We do still have some folks that go with Zoom because it is cheap/free for them. When they do that, we don’t do any embed – we launch a new window for the webinar/live video. It’s not ideal.


Tom Gibson

Coordinator – Customer Experience (CX)

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Has anyone does anything interesting using

I'd like to know if it has an endpoint so I investigate if we can use it as a chatbot.

OR has anyone used the conversation endpoint to do something similar?

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The Canvas chat is a joke. Does anyone know of a chat tool that is at least as good as the Facebook Messenger, where you can message who you like (in your course), create your own gropus, share files etc? This is ridiculous, and shouldn't even be an issue Smiley Happy

I know this is an Old discution, but my CSM enabled Chat, and as and Admin I was able do change de config of the App changing embedded_chat_enabled=false to embedded_chat_enabled=true. 

Hope it helps.