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Lock this Quiz Now

Here is a scenario: 

A student starts a Canvas quiz. The student cannot finish the quiz in one bell. The teacher selects "Lock this Quiz Now." 

Will the student be able to access this quiz from home? Or will access be denied until the teacher unlocks the quiz?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello there, @madeline_gorley ...

I'm not familiar with the "Lock this Quiz Now" option in Canvas.  Could you please provide some extra details on where you have found this?  Is it in a current Classic Quiz?  Is it in New Quizzes?  Any help from you would be great...thanks!

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@madeline_gorley @Chris_Hofer 

This was somewhat answered here for classic quizzes:

here is the canvas page (scroll down quite a ways-about 3/4ths)

There is no information about can a teacher lock the quiz currently being taken and then unlock it later so that students can finish - that would take some experimenting around.

I did a quick look at New quizzes and did not see the feature there, but I do not use new quizzes and could have easily missed it.