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Locking Quizzes from Teachers

I am interested in gathering some community feedback for best practice. Is it possible to lock quizzes from being editable at the course level? Consider we may want some teachers to be able to edit and restrict others (like partnership schools or a teaching assistant). 

Options I've considered:

  • In the Blueprint Master - lock objects by type (quizzes).
    • Problem with this: It locks all live courses and all teachers; not granular enough.
  • Change Account Permissions
    • We have Course Roles - Teacher, Co-Teacher, and TA. The Teacher role could have the option to edit, while the Teacher Assistant role option to edit assignments and quizzes could be removed.
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This is currently an issue in a course I am teaching. This is a bran new course, and it is set up as a blueprinted course. Quizzes along with other content pages are locket. I am the faculty member teaching the course. However, I no longer have the regrade function available to fix issues such as a simple miskey. Instead I am being told I can use fudge points (very time consuming and prone to errors) or have instructional designers export grade book with students records - fix the issue and then import back into our sections (apart from potentially violating FERPA this is also time consuming, cumbersome, and prone to manual errors). What are the options in blueprinted courses please? Why not simply unlock quizzes after administration (or not lock in the first place), so I as the faculty member can do my job such as accurately assess my students and grade their submissions in a fair and equity manner.

i would really appreciate insight from those of you who are familiar with this issue.