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As an instructor, is it possible to build a quiz in steps (e.g. week by week)  by adding new questions and allowing students multiple attempts and hence update answers to earlier questions? This is useful - for instance - when students need to apply process models and various stages depend on each other; i.e. I would like students to think about stage 1, provide feedback, grading and then allow students to go to stage 2, by adding onto the earlier submission.  Is that possible?

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Hi @RGovers 

This is currently not possible in Canvas with either the legacy Quizzes tool, nor with New Quizzes.

My only suggestion would be to make copies of the quizzes each week (copying from the previous week's), then adding the new questions for that week. However, this would mean that students would have to redo their original items, and this could get rather tedious (not to mention time consuming) after a few weeks.

Another thought might be to start each subsequent week's quiz with a file upload question, and have students upload some form of a worksheet where they have updated the items missed from a previous week. These might prove rather tedious to grade.

You could suggest this as a new feature for New Quizzes (Canvas is not longer making changes to the legacy tool) in Idea Conversations.

Good luck,


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