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Looking for a real-time student discussion space

I have a class in which students talk in real time as they watch current affairs programs on TV while tweeting about them (it's a journalism reporting class).

In the past we used a G+ community to do this but Google closed it down. Then we used a Microsoft platform but I wasn't happy with it.

Is there a Canvas space that allows students to talk as a group, post links to websites, post images/gifs and comment on each other's posts etc?

The space should not be public (it's meant to be safe, no prying outsider eyes). There would be up to 60 students online at once, not all active all the time.


Thanks in advance.


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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @gordon_farrer  Thank You for your great question. What a cool idea.

I think you have suggested the best option in your own question with Discussions. 

How do I create a discussion as an instructor? 

Or you could use Collaborations.

Or you could embed a tool like Padlet. They have a cool 'stream' option. 

I hope one of those is just the ticket.

Sing out if you need a hand.