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Looking for a total calculated points collumn that shows how many points there are in the course total

I am new to Canvas. I am an instructor. In the last MLS of Blackboard grade book there was a total points column that showed how many total points were in the course for all assignments. In Canvas I do not see where the points are calculated to show how many total points are possible in the course.  Is there a way to see total calculated points in the Canvas grade book? This is helpful to ensure my points align with the stated syllabus assignments and points per assignment.

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I am new to Canvas as well. The only way I have found to do this is to go to the Grades (if you do not have students enrolled yet, use the student view for a minute and it will create a Test Student that can be seen in the grade book). Select the Test Student and you will see this on the right: 348417_pastedImage_1.png

Select Grades, on the next screen make sure to de-select "Calculate based only on graded assignments". You can then scroll to the bottom and see how many total points for the course and various categories are available.