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Lost course link

I enrolled my son in the Learning to Adult, Adulting 101 class, and I cannot find any emails with my access link.  Can I get the link sent again?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello there, @doodaloo ...

I am sorry to see that your question hasn't received any kind of response since you first posted in June.  I'm hopeful that you've been able to find an answer to your question by now.  Unfortunately, a large majority of people here in the Community website would not be able to help with a question like this because we do not have access to your son's Canvas environment or his course(s) in question.  We only have access to our school Canvas environments.  For enrollment questions like this, it is best that you reach out to your school's local Canvas administrator or someone from your school's Online Learning/eLearning department.  They should be able to help investigate why your son may/may not have access to his course(s).

I hope this will be of some help to you.  Sing out if you have any other questions about this...thanks!  Take care, stay safe, and be well.

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