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Community Coach

M. Bonner - Book Study/PD

Hi Community Friends!

While I attended instcon‌ remotely, I heard amazing things about Michael Bonner Keynote‌. In the few short days since, I purchased his book Get Up or Give Up. I'd love to have some reading buddies (see the reference: Here's to Fall... and Professional Growth‌) to hold me accountable.

Is anyone interested in reading Get Up or Give Up with other Community members?

If there's enough interest, I would find a way to break the book into doable segments. I would then create a Canvas Course to house the discussions. We can toss in some social media if that would increase engagement as well.

All of this is a new idea and needs some fine-tuning, yes. However, I thought I'd post the question before I convinced myself that I "didn't have time" to do anything extra as we head back to school. Smiley Happy

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Community Champion

YES YES YES: I thought it was a fantastic book, with valuable insights for all. It's not a long book, and it is a wonderful read. Very well organized, with a good balance between Michael Bonner's own experiences (as both student and teacher), and his teaching practices.

He even has questions for us to think about at the back of the book; I copied those out here:

Challenges from Michael Bonner: InstCon Remote Control 

I am sooooooooo up for this!!!!!!!!!! And he's active at Twitter, so I'm pretty sure he would respond to questions we might have too! And since the book is available as a Kindle, it's easy to snag a copy and plunge right in. 🙂

Michael Bonner book cover

Community Member

Michael's keynote was so inspiring! I would definitely be interested in a book study together. Keep us posted!!

Community Champion

I would be up for it. Great idea!

Community Champion

Yes, please! Count me in.

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Count me in!

Community Champion

Count me in too!  This would be so cool!

Community Coach
Community Coach

This is awesome! We have a few people who have said "yes" via Twitter, but I want to get some initial thoughts on on things before I start overthinking format.

Since we all do 5,000 things a day (or at least it seems like that), I'd like the pacing to be semi-relaxed. I'd also like for this to be as collaborative as possible.

We can start on September 5 with introductions, and then set the goal of finishing the first set of pages on September 12. 

Here's what I'm thinking for a weekly pattern:

Read #-#, by Wednesday

Create questions Thursday

Propose 1-3 questions by Friday at 8am MST

Vote for top 3-5 discussion questions by Friday at 2pm MST

  • I'll send out a poll/survey via Canvas Announcement
  • This will help us focus our energy and time

Discuss the most recent section and read the next section

OR!  ...If it's preferred, we can read one week, discuss the next, read one week, discuss the next, etc. If the overlap would be too much with other things in life, I want to be respectful of that!! 

Thanks so much for taking the lead on this,  @klundstrum ‌! I really like the idea of voting on questions to help give people a focus each week, while allowing them to do the reading at whatever time is convenient to them. The book is a great read, very personable and friendly... no surprise! I'm really glad about getting to hear other people's thoughts and responses. 🙂

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

I would love to vote for #1, but realistically I think the second option is more in my favor.  Thank you for spearheading this  @klundstrum ‌!!  Also, did everyone see this on twitter??

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