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Mac tools for creating QTI files?

Does anyone know of any useful tools for creating QTI files that run in the OS X environment? I have a teacher who would like to generate QTI files using a spreadsheet in CSV format. Currently the only tool that seems to be endorsed is Respondus, but that is a Windows-only software package. Are there any similar tools available for the Mac?


Roger Wistar

The Hotchkiss School

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Community Coach
Community Coach


I am guessing that the instructor is wanting to create their own questions in QTI format.  At this time, Respondus is the only application that I have seen that will do this and as you stated above is PC only.  Do you know if the instructor has access to publisher created content?  Several of the publish have applications that will create QTI files like ExamSoft and TestGen.


Community Team
Community Team

rwistar, further to what  @Robbie_Grant  has advised, I've noticed in the past that according to Respondus, its Respondus 4.0 software can be run on a Mac using Windows emulation or virtualization software (see the small print at the very bottom of the linked page): Testing, Assessment, and Survey Tools for the Leading Course Management Systems :: Respondus System ...  Elsewhere, I've seen such programs as VMWare, Parallels, and Bootcamp recommended for this purpose. I've never actually had occasion to do this, and wonder if it's indeed possible.

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Hi Roger,

I can confirm that VMWare works great to run Windows software on Mac OSX and I've never experienced a program that it wouldn't run, so I'm sure Respondus would work with this solution. I've looked for solutions that go from Excel to QTI and I haven't found one, so I think you'll have to keep fishing or get a copy of one of the programs like ExamView, TestGen or ExamSoft that has the ability to add your own questions and then export them as a QTI file.

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Respondus works okay in WINE (which is not an emulator like Parallels or VMWare), it was easy to setup, but it's an open source tool and usability isn't always great. I used something called Wine Bottler which works with WINE to build a Respondus application that I can just double click and open. It's worth downloading the trial and giving it a shot.

I don't recommend this as something for non-geeky people, but I like that I don't have to fire up a virtual machine just to work on a quiz Smiley Happy

  1. To get started, you would need to download and install WineBottler: WineBottler | Run Windows-based Programs on a Mac
  2. Then you download the Respondus installer
  3. Open WineBottler and go to "Advanced" and use the Program Installation settings. You might get a couple of errors the first time, you should be able to solve those by check marking the relevant sections in "winetricks" and trying it again.

If you do end up going the virtual machine route, I like Parallels, they have a great price for educators and students.