Many users having issues with Storyline in Canvas. Both parties blaming the other.

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I am not the only person who has been having trouble with Storyline in Canvas within the last month or so. See here:

I contacted Articulate Support and Canvas Support and here is what they had to say:

Articulate Support: "As much as I would like to provide assistance with the troubleshooting but, we don't support troubleshooting issues if it is only happening on a 3rd party's environment."

Canvas Support: "Since Storyline is a third-party product we unfortunately are not able to provide direct support for the content but you may want to try re-uploading the presentation that is not displaying properly to make sure that the appropriate files are in the course. "

This leaves us as the consumers without a solution, and without any indication that a solution is being worked on. Articulate and Canvas are among the most popular providers of their respective services, and users NEED the two to work together. Frankly I am baffled that neither party is interested in making this work.

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