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Marked assignments reappearing after section change

I apologise if this is answered somewhere as I couldn't find it in my searching. I have a teacher that I support who has recently switched sections within courses (some previous students switched with her and others remained in that section- complicated explanation). She is having the situation where multiple students' work that has previously been marked has reappeared in her to do list and showing as a resubmission despite no resubmission having taken place. If she gives a grade again, the students see that it has been marked twice.

I am waiting for the teacher to get back to me with some more specifics (like specific or all courses, students who switched sections or new to her etc) but thought I would ask in the meantime in case anyone has come across this before.

We run continuous courses that are asynchronous.

Any insight would be appreciated as this is obviously causing confusion and extra work for the teacher.

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Hi there,  @jodi_k !

Were you able to gather any additional information as you mentioned in your original post?

I am going to share this question with the Canvas Admins‌ group in an effort to get some additional eyes on your question. The additional dialogue will take place in this space, so you won't have to worry about checking an additional space.

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Thanks  @kenneth_rogers ‌. I wasn't sure which other groups would be best.

Unfortunately, the teacher wasn't able to provide me with further clarification. She found it hard to tell as it appeared as an unmarked assignment in her to-do list so she didn't always recognise this being the problem until students were messaging her. We also came across the issue for complete/incomplete assignments: when she selected use the same mark for this resubmission, it would switch it to the opposite of previous!

She has now worked through the to-do list so we will monitor if any new ones come up. 

We are putting it down to the switching sections causing it at the moment. If anyone else has insights, it would be appreciated to be aware of for future staffing switches.

Thanks for the additional information you've provided! Hopefully the additional insight will help someone provide some feedback for you.

Community Team
Community Team

 @jodi_k ‌, we're hopeful that by now you have arrived at an explanation, so with that in mind, we've marked this question as Assumed Answered. That won't prevent the conversation from continuing, so if you have time to share what you learned, or if you still need assistance, please continue to post to this thread. Thanks.