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When viewing the student dashboard, the "To Do" column contains announcements and uncompleted assignments. Assignments go away when submitted but announcements stay until replaced with new tasks. There is an "x" to mark announcements as read or completed, but every time you navigate away from the dashboard and then return, they come back. This is extremely annoying because it clogs up the "To Do" column with announcements that just need to be read, and should no longer be in that column because no other action needs to be taken. 

The easiest solution is to update the software so that after clicking the "x" once on an announcement/assignment, they don't return back to the "To Do" column upon navigation back to the dashboard.

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Community Team
Community Team

Hey  @kitsonwr21 

It looks like you're trying to submit a feature Idea?  

Your idea is similar but I believe still pretty different from" modifiedtitle="true" tit....  Search the Ideas space and if you don't find one exactly like yours, please submit new!

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