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Marking missing or not missing in bulk?


I have students both in-person and online so all of my assignments have a digital submission option. This means all my in-person students (about 60 of them) have their assignments that they submit on paper automatically marked as missing. It is very time-consuming to go in and change 60 students' assignment status individually. Is there a way to change them in bulk? I know this has been asked multiple times, but the posts are old so I was hoping Canvas has implemented a change for the community.


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Community Coach

Hi @avanvliet 

Nope, this functionality has not yet been added/changed in Canvas.

However, there are other ways to manage this in your courses.......

  • Permit your in-person students to submit their assignments online.
  • Create a separate section for your in-person students, and offer two versions of the assignment, assigned only to each section. In-person students' assignment set to no submission or on paper, and online students set to online submission.
  • Set the assignments to no submission or on-paper, then manually grade all students.

I hope at least some of this is helpful,


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It is unfortunate that canvas has not implemented this function. It seems like many teachers would find it useful. Sadly none of the suggestions you made would fix my situation with the grade book.

1. my in-person students are welcome to submit their assignments online, but they prefer to do so on paper. It is also much easier for me to provide feedback on paper. I doubt the majority will ever choose to submit their assignments digitally so I will continue to have to mark not missing one by one for 50+ students

2. I can not create sections. Creating sections of students and assigning them separately means that canvas will not sync with Skyward.

3. If I set the assignment to no submission my online students will no longer be able to submit their assignments as they have no way to send me a paper copy and email is too unorganized.

Thank you for trying to solve this issue. I hope Canvas listens to the people in it's forums as people have been asking for this as far back as 2018.


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Please consider this feature!  It has become more important this year.  We have all in-person students, but different students absent on different days. Absent students need to be able to submit online while in-person sometimes submit in person only.  Without a set group of online students, we can't use sections to create different versions of assignments.