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Mastery Path Issue

Hello all!

I'm trying to set up a Mastery Path starting from an introductory quiz, but I'm consistently running into the same issue. When I complete the quiz using the test student environment, no subsequent material is released. Instead, the module continues to say "Locked until [quiz] is graded" despite the mark appearing in the "Grades" section. I have checked the quiz/mastery path settings and can't seem to find anything that would prevent the release of material, but I must be missing something.

Has anyone else had this problem? Any help would be much appreciated!

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One year later....

My issue is somewhat the same. In a module I have two pages preceding an entry-level quiz. All are configured with Mastery Paths. In student view (reset and reset again) the two pages preceding the quiz do not appear. I also configured the module requirements so that those pages had to be viewed and in sequence. Yes they're published.  Nothing changed.

And we just moved to Canvas from Bb. I'm finding myself underwhelmed, increasingly so. But not surprised, tech's promises are ever emptier and filled with ever more problems than elegant solutions, users are required to solve scouring discussions like these for hours. Been in ed tech in higher ed since 2003.

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We may have stumbled on evidence that this is repaired.  We created a quiz and set up a mastery path where if students get a low score, their next assignment is a remedial training.  We edited the remedial training and removed the assigned to 'everyone' and have it just assigned to 'mastery paths'.   

Here's the kicker, when viewing in the Canvas 'student view', we're left with the erroneous "locked until..." message.  However, when we enroll someone in as an actual student, everything behaves properly regarding mastery paths and they don't see an erroneous "locked until" message.  So, seems like less of a bug regarding mastery paths and more of a 'student view' bug.

For anyone who's curious, we did a lot of testing in student view to try and alleviate the issue.  We cleared cache and cookies many times while testing and even did a ctrl+shift+r on the modules after completing the quiz.  Nothing repaired the 'student view' locked message, but since it works with real students, I feel confident that it's a non-issue and I'm encouraging our faculty to use the mastery paths.