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Mastery Path Issue

Hello all!

I'm trying to set up a Mastery Path starting from an introductory quiz, but I'm consistently running into the same issue. When I complete the quiz using the test student environment, no subsequent material is released. Instead, the module continues to say "Locked until [quiz] is graded" despite the mark appearing in the "Grades" section. I have checked the quiz/mastery path settings and can't seem to find anything that would prevent the release of material, but I must be missing something.

Has anyone else had this problem? Any help would be much appreciated!

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I have found that in order to release the content I have to refresh and then it appears.  I'm not sure if this will take care of your problem or not but I was looking to see if there was a solution to having to refresh because I can see students being confused by this.

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Community Team

luke.swabey and  @rmurchshafer ‌

I didn't see confirmation of it in this thread, so i just wanted to ask if either (or both) of you submitted a support ticket for what you were experiencing.  If not, please do.

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This is also happening to me. Has anyone found an answer yet?

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johnpj‌  @DanBurgess ‌

The refresh issue is annoying. I know I reported it to our local support group, and I believe they reported it to Canvas.  But today is the first day I've worked with a local issue where "locked until" doesn't resolve upon reload.  I am still investigating to see if other students in the same class are getting past this impossible lock or not.

The must-refresh UX has led me to not yet recommend Mastery Paths, even though it's turned on at our institution.

Since this is a discussion thread, I'll add that I'm seeing similar refresh-data challenges with other LTI Modules integrations -- Badgr, at the moment. It's as if the call-back from the Grades table (all my terms, NOT official) doesn't happen between Module pages and so the LTI tool doesn't know what it doesn't know.

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I am having a similar problem where it says "Locked until mastery path is processed". What is odd that it works perfectly fine for 79 of my students, it's just one student who is having this issue. I have graded his quiz, but his assignments don't appear. 

What is meant by refresh? Any advice?



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Hello everyone. 

Not trying to double post, but see this discussion for a possible fix on Mastery Paths not updating. Mastery Paths needs the admin account called 'Conditional Release API' to work.


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It seems to process is an issue when completing the quiz it's self. Have you had this problem?

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Adding one more report of a bug here. We are experiencing the exact same thing. The assessment (quiz) and paths are built correctly but when viewing as a test student (after resetting the view multiple times) does not work. The "Locked until [quiz] is graded" message despite the mark appearing in the "Grades" section. (I saw my grade in Student View). Having students refresh is not an acceptable solution. This is definitely feels like a bug and needs to be addressed.

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Hi Margaret,

I'm having the same problem... Did you notice the possible fix mentioned by Bruce Richards?  

"Finally got a fix from the Canvas Engineering team. Seems for Mastery Paths to work, it requires a default admin 'Conditional Release API' which was missing from our Canvas instance account. See the Canvas Release notes on Mastery Pathsunder "Account Setup". We were not aware of this account.


Check to see if this admin account is available in your Canvas instance. If not, you will need to ask them to recreate it.


Once the Engineering team recreated this Conditional Release API admin account, our Mastery Paths worked seamlessly. You can ask them to refer to our ticket #04231194.


Best regards,


I am checking with my Canvas Admin to see if this solves the issue...

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We are really having this same issue with Mastery Paths.


This was NOT the case last year. We have used Mastery Paths extensively and our students were always assigned their new assignments immediately upon submitting their quiz.


Now more often than not (but not always), we get the message that Mastery Paths are locked until the quiz has been graded. The problem is that he quiz grades automatically and IS already graded. 


This is making our course a nightmare. We rely on Mastery Paths to make our course work.