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Mastery Paths Assignment not Copying


I've made a master course that is entirely made up of Mastery Paths. All the assignments have been organized and linked as well as assigned solely to mastery paths. I've been making copies of this master course with no issues for other teachers so they can use it. Everything copies over as needed and all assignments/quizzes are still assigned to Mastery Paths.

Within the past week, I've been following the same steps as usual in copying the course, but now it is changing all of the assignments/quizzes to be assigned to everyone instead of Mastery Paths. I've checked my settings to make sure Mastery Paths is turned on and haven't done anything different.

I submitted this issue to Canvas Support last week but have yet to hear back. Anyone know of a solution rather than manually going in and adjusting who it is assigned to for every single assignment and quiz?


Thank you!

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I'm having the same issue! I'm using a shell course to store my mastery paths and am TRYING to push out those modules to other teachers. I didn't find out that the conditional assignments weren't working until a student earned a 0% but couldn't find the remedial work. It made me feel sick to my stomach! I thought I lost EVERYTHING that I did. 

I've found that if I set up a blank course, turn on Mastery Paths, and THEN import from the Commons it works. But not if I just make a copy from the original course. I've been waiting for a solution for almost 2 weeks now. ☹️

Have you had any resolution on this issue?

I have been working on using MPs in my course, and I would have a lot of them, but I don't want to invest the time in doing this if it isn't going to copy forward into my future sections.

To make matters worse, I have been getting conflicting answers to this question. I see your post that indicates that it is possible, but then the Canvas helpline people tell me that no, it is not possible to copy the MPs forward.

Do I understand correctly that you posted your entire course into the Commons and then downloaded it again into your course and this worked?



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Did your copying issue ever get resolved?