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Mastery Paths Bugs

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I have developed an escape room module that uses mastery paths as the basis for students moving through review materials. However, we have several issues with mastery paths that make it unusable in this fast-paced context

  • There is a long lag before Canvas loads the mastery path after a quiz. If students push the Next button too quickly it kicks them out to the Modules directory.
  • Sometimes the Next button is missing even if the student passes the quiz. 

We have worked with Canvas support and rebuilt the escape room module but are still having the same problems despite the rebuilt.  Can someone help?

Thanks in advance. 

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An update to my comment above ... as we've sorted this issue with the help of our engineering team, and L2 support.  I fear I may have been too hasty in my comment above so wanted to provide an update.


Essentially we had three families in our course, each with their own module, content and quizzes.  The idea was that the learner had to go through one of the families, but could go through all three if they wanted to.  Within each family we had a quiz - if they did well in the quiz they skipped some content if they didn't they were taken to an additional page of content (all using mastery paths).  Our complication was that we were using the same quiz in each of the three families.


The problem turned out to be that Canvas didn't know which module to return to after the quiz was submitted and therefore went nowhere and didn't show the next button.


Our only resolution was to create unique quizzes for each family. On the plus side this worked, on the negative side the learner has to take the quiz for each family, whereas we wanted them to be able to skip it if they'd passed it earlier.



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