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Mastery Paths Expert Support

Is there a way to get one on one support - or someone to talk us through setting up our course?

We have dozens of courses live but want to switch gears.

I'm looking to use Mastery Paths to differentiate 3 types of students that will recieve 3 types of content.

I've set up a pretest quiz with 3 different point values.

I've set up 2 modules for the conditional content.

The bulk content would go to all 3 types of students.

I don't seem to have it either organized or functioning correctly and I'm sure what's taken me weeks could be done in 1 hour with support. 

Is this available - paid or otherwise?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi Alycea!

It definitely sounds like you've put a lot of thought into this! I use Mastery Paths with my students, and I always start by building the content first and then go back to the pre-test or assessment I will use to determine their path. It's in that space that I select the conditional items.

Without seeing your course myself, it's hard to guess what's causing the challenge. If you could share a few screenshots, it may help!

Have you browsed the guides that are available here in the Canvas Community? Here is a few I'd recommend, for sure:

Have you spoken with your CSM about your use of Mastery Paths?

There are some training options available, too.

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Here are some screen shots.

I'm trying to create 3 paths:

1 - Trainee content

2 - Trainee content + additional "Host" content

3 - Trainee content + "Bridge" content

Right now - The Host and Bridge course paths are created in the modules.

But not the Trainee. Should it be?

-I believe I have to put the rest in a module as well? Technically the

Trainee assignments go to everyone.

The modules weren't showing in the sidebar menu - it had been disabled -

I've since moved them. Now they are visible.

Shouldn't the Pre-test show up first and at the top? It's not right now.

Does every single assignment have to be set in Mastery Path? If so - when I

go into the Path.... I don't have the option to assign ALL of them... it

only shows me some.



The pre-test should be at the top of there is a requirement to move through the module in a certain order. Then, anything that you want to be assigned as a result of that test needs to be included in the Mastery Path set-up. Also, after adding conditional content to a MasteryPath source assignment, you must differentiate each conditional assignment for MasteryPaths.

When I add Conditional Items to my Mastery Path, I was able to add quite a few. At the bottom of the window, not the screen, just underneath the third "tier" Path, there is a horizontal scroll bar. I was able to see all 8 of the items I added in my demo course. Do you have a scrollbar?

With each course, could you put each of the "roles" into a section? That way, you could use differentiation and only assign that module to the people that it should go to....without the need for a pre-test. (How do I assign an assignment to a course section?)

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi Alycea - I hope you are doing well! Since we haven't collaborated since June, I am going to mark this thread as "assumed answered". (If you'd like to learn more about this, take a peek at How we keep your questions flowing!‌) If you'd like to reopen the conversation, feel free to reply any time. Smiley Happy