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Math Processing Error (MathJax in Canvas)

I have encountered the following issue a couple of times in the last week. One portion of MathJax text (that seems to be properly formatted) is not rendered, giving a "Math Processing Error".


However, it is more complicated than just that. If I edit the page in different ways, the one MathJax code immediately following that second x=g(y) piece always receives the error, almost as if something goes wrong after that second x=g(y) that makes whatever the next MathJax code is go wrong. In other words, if I put x=y in MathJax right after that second x=g(y), it will now be the piece that fails to process, and the originally problematic code will show up just fine.

I have made a video to demonstrate this, showing the underlying code along the way.

I know it is a long shot, but any ideas?

Edit: When I make the piece immediately following the second x=g(y) the code \(x=y\), everything works. \(=y^{2}\) works. But \(x=y^{2}\) does not work. I am baffled.

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This is really strange.  I've started having a lot of problems with MathJax in canvas recently.  We had a local implementation before the canvas release.  I have been wondering if the two instances of MathJax are competing with each other.  I have not fully explored this line of thought, so it's just a conjecture at this point, but did you have a local instance of MathJax prior to the Canvas update?  

If you right-click on any of your equations, what does the MathJax context menu look like?  Specifically, under the "Rendering" section, what options are listed?  Like I said, this may be unrelated, but I'm also tracking down some recent strange behavior (and why one page will render perfectly, and then 5 minutes later, it doesn't - could be a cacheing issue, but I unfortunately, don't have the time to track this down right now).  

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Unfortunately, I do not have an answer for you.  I did notice in your video that when you put in x^2, and went to the page view the X^2 shows up before it is overwritten by the error message.  Not sure if that helps any, but something is definitely going on with the processing.  Not that it should matter, but have you tried this without the periods at the end of the lines?

I did enjoy the video from a learning perspective.


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