May I use my phone as a camera?

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Hello, I'm trying to take a test on proctorio, which requires a camera. However, the only camera I have available is not compatible with the computer, as I have just recently discovered. Is there a chance I can use my phone as a camera instead?

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Based off the information from the Proctorio Support site, it may include recording of video, audio, and screen activity. Which of those, if any, depends on the exam settings. Since the Proctorio extension must be used with the Chrome Browser, it would not be able to access your cell phone, nor would it be able to combine the information from the chrome browser and screen with the cell phone's camera because the are coming from two separate devices.

You should reach out to your instructor and let them know of the problems you're having. This is a global community of users of the Canvas learning management system software. We do not have access to your institution or course and cannot make decisions about what they would or would not accept.

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