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Media Comment Tool - What breaks it?

We’re having a slew of issues with the media comment tool, across the full range of browsers and OS. The problems are not consistent, but happen steadily and regularly. We’ve tried the usual responses (update Flash, clear the cache, reboot, etc), but no luck.

The stock Canvas Support response (beyond the usual) is that it’s a local problem, which isn’t particularly helpful. And frankly, if “it’s your problem” gets said to users too much, they rightly decide that the tool isn’t worth the time, and then it’s my/Canvas problem.

So it seems there’s a few other places this could choke:

  • browser extension conflict
  • browser security setting conflict
  • firewall rule

Have you found any common issues that cause the media comment tool to choke, beyond the usual Flash update/cache stuff?

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Community Champion

Not a reliable tool. Very frustrating. Really want this to work.

New Member

My camera is also not being detected. It says the laptop has no camera. I will look for live support to see if that can be rebooted. 

Community Member

Any updates? I'm all of a sudden having problems with media comments. They worked fine for several years and just stopped playing a few days ago in one fall 2020 course - they've also stopped paying in a previous section (summer 2020) of this course. They seem to be fine in another course though. Is this a known issue? Re-uploading/restarting does not help.