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Media Comment Tool - What breaks it?

We’re having a slew of issues with the media comment tool, across the full range of browsers and OS. The problems are not consistent, but happen steadily and regularly. We’ve tried the usual responses (update Flash, clear the cache, reboot, etc), but no luck.

The stock Canvas Support response (beyond the usual) is that it’s a local problem, which isn’t particularly helpful. And frankly, if “it’s your problem” gets said to users too much, they rightly decide that the tool isn’t worth the time, and then it’s my/Canvas problem.

So it seems there’s a few other places this could choke:

  • browser extension conflict
  • browser security setting conflict
  • firewall rule

Have you found any common issues that cause the media comment tool to choke, beyond the usual Flash update/cache stuff?

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I am having a "no camera detected" issue. I have tried everything in this thread. Camera works with other sites/apps (Facetime / Google Hangouts / Skype) but not Canvas. Our campus Canvas team has been unable to figure it out. Nor has IT department. If anyone has any new ideas not mentioned on this page or the Canvas troubleshooting documents, I'd love to hear it.

I, too, am having the "no camera detected" issue.  The camera works with everything else, but not Canvas.  I have resorted to filming in PhotoBooth and uploading those videos, but I would really like to be successful in Canvas so I can ask my students to do the same.  Any suggestions?

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On a mac, I've found some of the apps are reluctant to release the camera, including FaceTime and PhotoBooth. Definitely make sure nothing else is running; that may take a reboot, though. 

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Nothing else is running

Get Outlook for iOS<>

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Since Adobe is not going to support Flash starting in 2020, I imagine we won't have it available in our browsers much past that.  Would like to see a timeline for replacement of the Media Comment tool.  Is it on the radar, wonderful Instructure developers?  The sooner the better!

 @Nancy_Webb_CCSF ‌, you'll want to follow (currently on Radar) to keep tabs on the progress of this.

Thanks stefaniesanders! It's good to learn that engineers have been working on it. Hope to see some changes very soon.  Supporting teachers and students when there are so many possible combinations of OS and browser, other settings, is a real problem.  Media comment is a wonderful feature if only it could be trusted to work for everybody.

Just posted elsewhere, stefaniesanders but thought I'd post here too.  Canvas support just told a teacher that the media comment tool would switch to HTML5 within the next few months! 

Thanks,  @Nancy_Webb_CCSF , but as  @Renee_Carney  noted in a comment under the feature idea itself, there is in fact no ETA for this switch. Those interested should continue to follow  for updates as they become available.

Thanks stefaniesanders, look forward to getting updates as they occur.