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A few comments on the menu design:

1) The student name menu is not that discoverable. It would be nice if the three dots icon could appear without hover. I think a lot of users will have trouble finding these functions, since it is a new thing to have functions hidden under this column header.

2) The Gradebook menu name doesn't seem all that helpful, especially since these are view options and there is another menu called View. These menu names could use some rethinking.

3) It doesn't make sense to maintain the settings icon on the right, when there are several menus on the left and hover menus tied to the column headers. There are functions in too many places. It would make more sense to incorporate settings into the menus on the left.

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Community Contributor

Agree on removing the hover state of the three dot icon. I'm rarely a fan of hover states for features--feels like you have to discover too much on your own.

Community Team
Community Team


I'm not 100% of what you're seeking here, but I was not able to find similar ideas in the Canvas Studio‌.  Please take a look through existing ideas, and if you don't find what you're looking for you can submit new ideas How do I create a new feature idea?

Your ideas, as presented above, are not part of the current New Gradebook scope.

Community Participant

This was the feedback I was giving on the new gradebook design. It's for the designers to use if they are interested. I don't intend to waste my time logging feature ideas, as that is clearly a farce.

Christine.  I'm sorry you feel that way.  

All of the feedback has been reviewed throughout the process, including numerous feature ideas.  Specifically this fine group of ideas that are now on beta!  

We really appreciate the feedback provided in the pre-beta of this project, but now for longer term tracking and sorting we need it to be submitted through feature ideas.  This way we can use our data dashboards to keep a closer eye.