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We have a user who ended up with two login ID's that we merged together in Canvas, but the classes they were enrolled into with their original ID don't appear in their dashboard when they login with the new one. Is there a way to fix that?

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Hi @trussellr 

The student's courses are associated with the old log-in credentials, and all you need to do, as an admin, is to associate the new ID with the courses. This can get tricksie if you have established an integration  with the Student Management System (SMS) and that system automatically enrolls the students. You will also need to change the student's credentials in the SMS. When you performed the merge, you should have merged the new ID into the old ID. This is why my school never merged IDs. We would instruct the student to use the old credentials, and then disable the erroneous new ID. You could always un-merge the 2 IDs. The following guides will help.............


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