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Microphone/Webcam Access Troubleshooting

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How do I allow canvas to access my microphone and webcam so I'm able to record a video?

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Hi  @epc0002  Welcome to the Canvas Community. It's pretty hard for us in the Community to troubleshoot remotely, as it were, but assuming you are trying to use Canvas' built-in recording application and not an external application (such as Panopto or Kaltura) that is embedded within your Canvas instance, I highly recommend that you use the Chrome or Firefox browsers while doing so, so that you can take advantage of the much slicker HTML5 interface, as covered here:  How do I record a video using the Rich Content Editor as an instructor?  The reason is that other users must rely on the (in my opinion...) much less reliable Flash version, as covered here:  How do I record a video using Flash in the Rich Content Editor as an instructor?   (Both of those are written from the instructor's perspective, but even if you are not an instructor, the same general process applies.)

Also, make sure that your browser is completely, totally up to date, as covered here:  Which browsers does Canvas support? and that you are allowing popups, as covered here: https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-18060-679521179057 

If none of the suggestions outlined on those pages help, you might want to consider getting some local assistance through your institution...especially if you are, in fact, using an application other than the one built into Canvas.

I hope this helps a bit, Liza!

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