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Migration tips from D2L/Brightspace Saas to Canvas?

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Hi all, 

My college is in the midst of a migration to Canvas from D2L SaaS. We are currently trying to determine the best strategy for course migration and archiving.  Can anyone shed some light around their institution's strategy regarding migration and archiving?  Did anyone use the Bulk Course Export (BCE) tool offered by D2L to move their courses over?  If so, were there any major challenges/successes?



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Hi Robbie, 

No apology necessary!  I was hoping for a reply, but in the end we managed to figure things out. 

The BCE tool ended up being quite useful for us, and allowed us to export 6 years worth of content with minimal issues/effort.  As part of our governance strategy, I managed to formulate a sufficient strategy in line with both college wide and legal regulations so concerns about content would be mitigated.  

Thanks for reaching out!

All the best,


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