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Missing Assignments in PowerTeacher Pro

Is anyone else having issues with syncing "Missing" assignments to PowerTeacher Pro??  Late and Exempt transfer fine but Missing assignments do not.  Thanks

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @gbacon .  I done have any insight into your question, but I am going to share you question with the K-12‌ user group in hopes of finding someone withe experience in PowerTeacher Pro.  If I am correct, this is part of PowerSchool which is most heavily used in K12 settings.  With any luck someone will have a solution!

All the best---

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @gbacon .  It has been a while since this question was posted and it doesn't look like anyone had insight into the issue you were facing.  I thought I would check back and see if you found a solution to the problem.

Thanks for the update!

Community Member

Hi there... I am having the exact same problem.. 

Can anyone direct me to who I can contact?  The issue forces a teacher to enter in all 'missing' work manually with each sync to Powerschool.

Any insight would be helpful.  Thanks!!

Hi  @martinc_scondut  and welcome to the Community!  Hopefully someone reading this thread knows exactly how to fix the issue but I thought I would pass along a few links I found in case they are helpful:

Instructor Help: Using PowerTeacher Pro in Canvas 

If the documents for Canvas aren't helpful, you might try contacting PowerSchool directly using one of the options in the website above.  Canvas Support may be another option as they may have faced this in the past and found a solution (see How do I get help with Canvas as an instructor?).  

I hope this helps and if you learn anything about this issue, please let us know!