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I'm completely baffled.  It seems as though some of my created pages just got up and left 😕

While checking one of my course links today, I got the message, "The page does not exist, but you can create it below" and was redirected to the page editor.  I thought this was strange but just figured I would need to re-link it.  That's when I discovered the page wasn't listed at all among all my other pages.  I was convinced I had already created the page but started doubting myself.  That's when I noticed another page missing from my list of pages.  This one I knew that I had already created because I took a screenshot of it the week before to share with a student.  So now I have the screenshot that confirms that this page did in fact exist at some point in time.

I tried the /undelete trick, but the pages in question aren't there.  Just pages that I had purposely deleted.  Like I said, it seems these two pages have just vanished.  Makes me wonder how many other pages have done the same without me noticing yet 😕

Any help would be appreciated!

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Hi @pblechle

Have you attempted reaching out to Canvas Support for assistance with your missing pages? I believe the Chat with a Canvas Agent link on this page should be the best route to take for you. This way, an agent should be able to look at your specific course and look into what may have occurred.


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