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Hello, my unit suddenly disappeared from my dashboard.The unit code is WRIT1001 Intensive February in the University of Sydney. Any idea why it happened? Thank you. 

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Hi  @byan2305  and welcome to the Canvas Community. You've actually posted your question to a worldwide community where users from different institutions discuss their experiences of using Canvas. This means that members of the community don't have access to Canvas courses from individual schools/colleges so we can't check whether you still have access to the unit you're looking for. This is something your teacher or the Canvas support team at your college will be able to help with. However I do have a suggestion that might help you find the missing unit. The dashboard doesn't show all your courses, just the ones that have been "favorited". If you go to the "All courses" screen you'll see the courses you're enrolled on and which ones are favorited; the favorites have a yellow star. You can choose your favorites by clicking on a star to turn it yellow, this determines which courses appear on the dashboard. See this page for more details: How do I customize my Courses list as a student?

If you still don't see the missing unit on the "All courses" screen then you can contact your teacher to ask if that unit is still available. To contact the teacher through Canvas, click the "Help" button on the left menu and you should see a link to "Ask your instructor a question" which lets you send them a message.

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